Best Orangery Roof Advice You Should Heed

Need all year round orangery roof advice? Here are some tips that may be able to help you get the most out of your investment.

What to Ask a Roofing Contractor

There a few important bits of info that every contractor should be able to answer upfront. Ask if they have liability insurance and workman’s compensation. Ask if they provide lien wavers if they hire contractors. Ask for their contractor license. Finally ask for warranty and home owner references.

Make Sure to Check Your Gutters

Prevention is always a lot better than trying to fix a full blown structural issue. That means if you want to avoid having leaks then you should regularly check your gutters. Maintaining a clean gutter is an effective and cost efficient. You might end up with a pool of water on the roof of your orangery if you don’t pay attention.

Use Double Glazing

Check with your contractor if they will use single glazing or double glazing on the glass. Remember that single glazing provides little to no insulation at all. Insist on double glazing for better insulation and energy efficiency. An alternative to that is solar control glass.

Never Attempt to Climb Your Roof

An orangery roof does look solid – and it is quite firm. However, take note that it was not constructed to take the full weight of a grownup. You may end up damaging the roof, which can lead to costly repairs. If you need to clean the roof top, then use a ladder and use a brush or telescopic window cleaner.